My Story So Far…

Why, hello there! How goes it? I’m doing fine, thank you very much.

Well, let me start off by saying that quite a bit has happened in the past few days since relaunching my blog. For starters, I’m no longer in the states. Where am I exactly? I’m in…


Yessiree! I landed in Vietnam two days ago on the 10th at around six in the morning. (That would be in Vietnam time, UTC+07:00.)

So what am I exactly doing here you may ask?

You are asking right…? (Please just nod and say “Uh huh” to make me feel somewhat interesting and important.)

The main reason that I came to Vietnam is to find a teaching job. To quickly recap, I came to Vietnam in March of last year to earn my TEFL certificate. In what felt like an eternity of excruciating sweating in 100 °F, copious bowls of pho, and creating lesson plans in the eleventh hour, I completed the month long course and received my TEFL certificate.


But sadly, it didn’t happen that way. I would have received my certificate if not for the fact that I had to immediately leave a week after due to various issues. (Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be writing a post about what exactly transpired. So until then, save your buttery popcorn and fizzy soda.)

Anywho, I’ve settle at a guesthouse in Thủ Đức District and am quite pleased with the area I’m in since the majority of things, such as convenience stores and restaurants, are all within walking distance. I just have a love/hate relationship of where I’m currently staying at.

“Huh!? Why do you hate…”

SHHH, I say, shhh…

Again, do not fret for I have many a posts lined up for your viewing pleasure regarding why I feel that way towards my guesthouse, what I am experiencing and so much more. I have tons more in store on what to write but as of now, I just wanted to give a small update of where I am and why. I’ll be filling in more as I go on. (You gotta tease here and there y’know? Can’t be giving it all out in the first 10 minutes.)

My plan for the next few posts will probably be coming from left and right field with no real rhythm but that’s because I just wanna write and get my ideas on paper rather than having to strategically plan them out. I’ll see how that goes for the beginning stages of blogging. Also, because I do not have a laptop, in which I do plan on buying one as soon as possible, I am forced to blog from my phone that I just purchased. It’s kind of a pain but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

And with that, I will see you all in my next post! Yes, all five of you because I’m pretty sure that’s about all I have for viewers at the moment…