Why, Hello There!

Name’s Jordan. I can honestly tell you that I don’t even know where to begin…

Welp, for starters, I published this blog back in April of 2014 with the purpose to document my time in South Korea during that summer. But due to my undying loyalty to procrastination, that never came to fruition… Fast forward to today, (January 1, 2017) I’ve decided to finally get off my lazy albeit decently toned buns and revitalized my blog!

But before I begin, allow me to give a small introduction…

Throughout my life, I’ve had various epithets that represented fragments of who I was and still am. They include but are not limited to:

“Violin Dude,” “24/7 Gamer,” “Japanese/Korean Looking Guy,” “Penguin Lover,” and so on and so forth.

Yes, I did play the violin from 5th grade up until my freshman year in college. I have since ceased playing.

Yes, I am and always will be a gamer at heart, although as of late, I have fallen behind with what’s current. Although I suppose I’m not too worried now because I am officially a member of the “PC Master Race.”

Posing w/
Posing w/ “Legendary Mercenary – Solid Snake.

Yes, I am often mistaken for being either Japanese or Korean due to my features and the fact that I dress in their fashion style. (I am Hmong if anyone is curious) and yes, I’m also keen about fashion. I don’t mean to brag but I used to model here and there back in the day…

What a fine-looking gent!
What a fine-looking gent!

And of course, yes, yes, and YES! I love penguins. A lot.

The “Penguin Plushy” that started it all.

As in, I honestly would want one living with me in my home. Not so much as a pet but more so a companion. Kind of like a roommate, if your roommate was round, blubbery, and had a beak. We would be close, akin, like brothers and a typical day would unfold as such:

Ahh… Another swell day isn’t it?”

And he’d reply,

Ohh wee, you can say that again!”

And then I’d ask,

“Wanna grab some grub?”

And he’d respond with, “No can do! I need to lose this gosh darn belly of mine. I’ve been eating WAAAY too good lately!”

Yep, that sounds just about right.

Moving right along then…

Although I’ve garnered these relative nicknames, there is one title, NAY, a “lifestyle” that I yearn and am continuously striving for. And that my fellow bloggers is,


This was a childhood dream of mine for as long as I could remember and I aspired to one day become one. But as I grew older, I read more into what traveling entailed such as how expensive it was or how culture shock and loneliness would set in and possibly shatter my entire being. I began to think that I would forever only dream about traveling, never being able to venture out and see the world.

But then out of nowhere…


I traveled to Japan in the summer of 2013 on what I felt was my wildest “on a whim” choices and I can definitely say, I’m glad I made that decision. Ever since then, I knew I could do what I imagined was impossible for myself and that was to travel.

“I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.”

Traveling is now something that I’m slowly beginning to experience and it is truly a lifestyle that I want to live. Not only do I want to travel, I want to able to share my experiences with others who have the same genuine interest. I feel to grow as an individual, I need to continually reach out and what better way to do that than to blog. I’m no travel expert by any means, not by a long shot. But I hope to reach out to those that have yet traveled and to those that have.

I welcome everyone from all corners of the blogosphere to join me on my odyssey and who knows, perhaps through serendipity, we’ll stumble upon something far greater than what we were originally searching for.




Would You Kindly?

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