Future Plans.

Hey everyone! With today’s post, I didn’t really know what to write about and so I figured I would just post a sort of announcement. It’ll to be a short one but I would like to let ya’ll know a little about what will happen in the upcoming months.

I am currently in the process of going through interviews and such to hopefully being able to teach English abroad. If all goes well, at beginning of March, I will be going abroad to Vietnam to take my TEFL course which will last for about one month and then afterwards, I will be teaching English either in Vietnam or Cambodia or even somewhere else.

This is just a rough outline but with this out in the open, expect my blog to take a shift towards a more “lifestyle” kind of blog, which will still involve travel, but more so about my life and what I’m currently up to. I’m still trying to figure out who I want to be in the blogosphere so at the moment, it’s a work in progress. Here’s hoping I find out what “it” is eventually.

Until then, I will continue using “Blogging Fundamentals” as a way for me to keep up a consistent posting schedule or I might just post whatever comes to my mind. Perhaps I might do a throwback storytime about my previous travels and do that for a week or two. So many ideas jumbled in my little brain, so little time to execute them all! One small step at a time I suppose.


Always Have Backups!

Good evening everyone,

This is a public service announcement to always, and I mean, ALWAYS have backups of your photos/videos because you just never know when life will flip you the bird.

I announce this today because as I sit here looking through some of my photos and videos I’ve taken in the past year, I am filled with the sad remembrance of when I lost about three years worth of photos and videos last fall. Now the story isn’t all too exciting but do bear with me and please, feel free to shed a tear for me afterwards, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

So back in the summer of 2013, the year that I took my plunge into the unknown that was Japan, I took my father’s old laptop with me so that I could clear my camera space and save my photos while abroad. While there, I took a good amount of pictures, well, that was before my camera died… More stories, WHOO HOO! But again, we are talking about this story and that one will have to wait.

Anywho, after coming back, I had a great deal of photos/videos saved from Japan and so from that day forth, I decided to just save all of my future photos onto the laptop. Although it was a crappy laptop performance wise, it had a bulky storage size. (And they say size isn’t everything…) So for about the next three years from 2013-2016, I saved everything I shot onto that laptop. Everything from activities with my friends, to family gatherings, to my travels, this laptop was becoming my physical memories.

But there was a time during last year in which I  didn’t take my camera out as much like how I used to because of college and life, you know, the usual stuff. And so, my laptop didn’t receive anymore attention from me for and I just let it rust in the corner of my room. Aiya, just typing this now fills me with regret on how I should have taken much better care of my laptop, especially knowing it held such great importance. Due to the poor neglect,  my laptop was dusting it’s life away, which caused some sort of malfunction because when I had decided to boot it back up again to transfer all of pictures and videos to my new 1T portable hard drive I bought, to my dismay, it had prompted me to create a new account with my old account no where to be seen. It was as I had feared, my account somehow poofed into thin air and there wasn’t a way for me to get it back.

I honestly still don’t know what the heck happened but as much as I tried, (and I mean I tried A LOT of things to bring back my laptop’s memory like system restoring, cracking open the laptop to check the insides for damages, praying, massages, taking it out to a nice movie and dinner,) nothing seemed to work at all and I was left with the conclusion that it was gone for good and there just wasn’t anything I could do about it. Those years of perfect shots and beautiful videography gone in an instant, all because of my neglect, it really is quite a shame.

And yeah, that’s that… Again, not the greatest of stories but it does leave me with a very important lesson that I now take to heart and that is to:




(Here is a sad picture of me on a boat cruise while in New York last spring break. I know, I know, I will eventually get to some of the stories associated with these pictures but I can’t just spoil everything right away now can I?)


Who Do I Write For?

Day 4 of “Blogging Fundamentals!”

So for today’s post, I’m to brainstorm the kind of person I hope to read my blog.

Hmm… Who is my target audience?

Well, it’s almost a no brainer to say that I would like individuals who travel to read my blog since I am planning to blog about travels. Although that does open the question about me sticking to one particular niche. I know for a fact I will write about my travels but I also know that might not always be the case. On some days, I might want to write about something interesting that happened during the day or talk about a topic that doesn’t necessarily have to do with traveling but more within my own interests and hopefully others interests as well. For example, I love food. Like, flippin’ LOVE food! What if I just want to post about food for week? Would my earlier audience members lose interest and “BUU!” me while throwing their perfectly buttered popcorn and deletable sour patch kids at their computer monitors, tablets, and or phones!?


Welp, I suppose my blog is still fresh so I have a bit of time to brainstorm the kind of “audience” I’m trying to capture. It would be quite amazing to have a range of readers in the future. To not only have those of similar minds reading my blog, but those of totally separate minds as well. I’m probably being a little optimistic here but you never know what’ll happen! Who knows, perhaps in a year I will only write to cater to penguins… That’ll be something would it not?

(I’ll end this post with a picture of me eating at my local sushi place because why not.)

Wasabi Jordan

Random Post.

Since today’s “Blogging Fundamentals” was focused more so on following other blogs, I don’t have a topic to work with and so I’m just going to post a picture from when I was in South Korea in the summer of 2014.


Now I’m sure there are going to be a lot questions as to how in the world can a man like myself look be so handsome but alas, those burning questions will have to wait for another day.

I’m planning on posting up older pictures from my previous travels and explaining the origin of the shots. I think that’ll be a fun way for me to just have something to write about and of course, to share some great stories along the way.

This story will have to wait however but I will tell you this much:

It doesn’t end well…

Until next time!



Title/Tagline Origins.

Well fancy meeting you here again!

For today’s post, I’d like to tell the tale of how I came up with my “Title” and “Tagline.” So please, gather round your electronic devices everyone! Grab your buttered popcorn, fizzy fountain drinks, and invite your family and friends because these are two stories you do NOT want to miss!

When I first was serious about blogging, I wanted a title that would give me a definite identity. I remember the long nights at work (at the time, I was working 3rd shift as a personal care worker) when there was down time, my good friend and I would sit by the fireplace and try to brainstorm a name for my soon to be blogging website. I initially had the brilliant idea of using the word “penguin” in my title but that idea sizzled quickly and we eventually were just spitting out whatever came to mind. If only I remembered some of the ridiculous names we came up with. They would have been some of the greatest names you’ve ever heard of, guaranteed!

Anywho, after a good week of brainstorming, I recalled running inside after taking out the trash and yelled, “SERENDIPITY!” to my friend. I don’t remember why that particular word popped in my head but at that point, I was just thinking of any words. The word itself felt right as I do believe my live is quite serendipitous. After that, I knew I needed a word that represented traveling since this was right before we would leave to South Korea. I eventually settled on “Odyssey” since I felt it had a deeper meaning than the others words I thought of. Yep, that’s how I got me name. Nothing spectacular but man, my brain was seriously frying over finding a name!

Ah yes, and then the story about how I got my tagline…

This happened while I was in Japan. My good friend and I decided to go check out a shrine on our off time. Pictured below is the shrine. (That model pose though!)

Japan Shrine


I don’t quite remember the event that was occurring but it involved writing wishes or prayers on a thin piece of paper and hanging them on a tree to be burned at a later time. As we were passing through, I saw what others were doing and so I wanted to give it a shot. My friend did not want to partake in it but he insisted that I do it. In a small tent nearby, I paid a woman and in return, she gave me a paper and marker. As I pondered what to write, I didn’t realize I was taking so long since my friend was becoming rather impatient. (Yes, I’m a little fickle when it comes these sort of things…)

I finally knew what I wanted to write and so I began to write that I wished to travel but I stopped mid-sentence because I realized that I would continue to travel regardless. I felt that I didn’t need to make any wishes pertaining to my future since I knew I could make any wish a reality with perseverance. With this realization, I crossed out my half-finished sentence and wrote,

“I do not have a wish but I promise to live my life to the fullest.”

And with that, I hung up my promise and we departed. My friend had asked me what I wrote but I didn’t tell him, in fact, I still hadn’t told him. I should make him read my blog.

Until next time!


Why, Hello There!

Name’s Jordan. I can honestly tell you that I don’t even know where to begin…

Welp, for starters, I had recently signed up for Blogging University’s “Blogging: Fundamentals” course in which I was raring to complete the daily tasks at hand but due to my loyalty to procrastination, I already fell way behind! Well nonetheless, I’m finally here and am ready to blog, blog, blog!

But before I begin, allow me to give a small introduction…

Throughout my life, I’ve had various epithets that represented fragments of who I was and still am. They include but are not limited to:

“Violin Dude,” “24/7 Gamer,” “Japanese/Korean Looking Guy,” “Penguin Lover,” and so on and so forth.

Yes, I did play the violin from 5th grade up until my freshman year in college. I have since ceased playing. The reason for stopping you might ask? Two words. Finger. Cramps. It really hurts, no baloney.

Yes, I am and always will be a gamer at heart, although as of late, I have fallen behind with current generation console gaming. Although I suppose I’m not too worried because I now am a member of the “PC Master Race” but y’know, there are still some great titles that are console exclusive and they most likely will never see the day of light on PC.

Posing w/ "Legendary Mercenary - Solid Snake.
Posing w/ “Legendary Mercenary – Solid Snake.”


Yes, I am often mistaken for being either Japanese or Korean due to my features and the fact that I dress in their fashion style. (I am Hmong if anyone is curious and yes, I’m also keen about fashion. I don’t mean to brag but I used to model here and there back in the day… Okay fine, I might have lied about that but I did do it once and that still counts!)

What a fine looking gent!
What a fine-looking gent!

And of course, yes, yes, and YES! I love penguins. A lot.

The “Penguin Plushy” that started it all…

As in, I honestly would want one living with me in my home. Not so much as a pet but more so a companion. Kind of like a roommate, if your roommate was round, blubbery, and had a beak. We would be close, akin, like brothers and a typical day would unfold as such:

Ahh… Another swell day isn’t it?”

And he’d reply,

Ohh wee, you can say that again!”

And then I’d ask,

“Wanna grab some grub?”

And he’d respond with, “No can do! I need to lose this gosh darn belly of mine. I’ve been eating WAAAY too good lately!”

Yep, that sounds just about right.

Moving right along then…

Although I’ve garnered these relative nicknames, there is one title, NAY, a “lifestyle” that I yearn and am continuously striving for. And that my fellow bloggers is,


This has been a childhood dream of mine for as long as I could remember and I aspired to one day become it. But as I grew older, I read more into what traveling entailed such as how expensive it could be or how culture shock or loneliness could set in and shatter my entire being. I began to think that I would forever only dream about traveling, never being able to venture out and see the world.

Then out of nowhere,


I went to Japan in the summer of 2013 on what I felt was my wildest “on a whim” choices and I can definitely say, I’m glad I made that decision. Ever since then, I knew I could do what I imagined was impossible for myself and that was to travel.

Traveling is now something that I’m slowly beginning to experience and it is truly a lifestyle that I want to live. Not only do I want to travel, I want to able to share my experiences with others who have the same genuine interest. I feel to grow as an individual, I need to continually reach out and what better way to do that than to blog. I’m no travel expert by any means, not by a long shot. (As of writing this, I’ve only been to two countries outside of the states and so I’m still relatively new to all of this.) But I hope to reach out to those that have yet traveled and to those that have.

I welcome everyone from all corners of the blogosphere to join me on my odyssey and who knows, perhaps through serendipity, we’ll stumble upon something far greater than what we were originally searching for.